on air


    Discover previously unreleased tracks by The Shoes x Alb x Monsieur Monsieur and you could win a trip to Tokyo for our Air France Music event.

    To mark the A380’s entry into service on the Paris-Tokyo route, Air France Music is offering its fans and artists a unique musical experience by inviting Monsieur Monsieur, Alb and The Shoes to board a plane for the Japanese capital. Their challenge is to compose a brand new track during the flight, taking their inspiration from the plane’s exceptional and innovative environment, combining space, comfort and serenity.

    On arrival in Tokyo, the bands invite you to log on to Soundcloud to discover and download at no charge the three tracks and the next day (5 November), attend a live show as part of the Air France Music event in a very popular venue in Tokyo’s Shibuya district – Warehouse 702. Japanese DJ TA-1 will be present at the event too.

    Relive the experience and discover the original track composed by The Shoes in this video.