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  • Orangina - The Upside-Down Can
    Orangina - The Upside-Down Can

    Orangina - The Upside-Down Can

    Orangina’s ingenious Upside-Down can forces you to mix up the pulp

    The importance of mixing up the pulp

    Lots of Orangina's marketing is about shaking up bottles of the stuff—to mix up the pulp, which makes the carbonated citrus beverage taste better.

    "An advertising guy told me there was a weakness, and we're going to make a strength out of this weakness by saying, 'The bottle needs to be shaken,' " Orangina's founder, Jean-Claude Beton, said in an interview a few years before his death in 2013. "Television offered an opportunity to shake things."

    The solution is in the packaging

    But the solution brought by this campaign was not in TV but in the packaging. Along with its distinctive bottles, Orangina is also sold in cans nowadays. But people are hard-wired not to shake up cans. So we came up with a clever solution: the Upside Down Can. It's a simple, delightful little packaging trick, the kind of beverage-can innovation that actually solves a product problem.

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